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aka Aleksey Zozulya

As a New York City based commercial photographer, I focus on creating high quality images for a variety of clients. I combine different creative elements for an image that generates a reaction.

Specialties include still life, product photography, architectural interiors, liquid abstracts, and branded content for social media.

Let's experiment together.


500px Assigments
Adopted NYC
Alpine Labs
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Away Travel
BEAR Mattress
Blue Label Records
Ciroc VS
Corcoran Sunshine
Daniel Wellington
DJI Global
Erick Hercules
ESI Design
FUJIFILM North America
Grado Labs
Grand Central
Hibiki Suntory
HPRC / Plaber America
Interiors by Erik Galiana
Leica Camera USA
Liberté Yogurt
Liberty Helicopters
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Michael Murtha, Interiors
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New York: A Century of Aerial Photography

by Peter Skinner - Licensed aerial images of NYC.

Grand Central Connections

Spring / Summer 2015 Issue - Cover Image



Nasdaq: Artist in Residence

Interviewed about what ignites my ambition and had my work displayed on a billboard in Times Square.

Instagram Inspiration: ch3m1st

An unsolicited review of my photography on instagram and beyond from a print + media brand.

Tethering Techniques for Fujifilm

How I use the FUJIFILM X-T2 and Adobe Lightroom for tethered shooting in product photography.

Instacamp: A Day in the Life

Presented a talk on my Instagram journey & social media marketing at this workshop of industry professionals.

Lomography: LCA120 + Lexi

Used the Lomography's LCA-120 medium format film camera, and presented my photography through the constraints of an automatic analog camera.

Resource: Insta-view

Early on in my Instagram days, I was interviewed about how brand partnerships are changing Instagram into a marketing platform, launching new careers.